MUSIC/SP Operating System

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The name MUSIC/SP is short for Multi-User System for Interactive Computing / System Product.

It is an operating system, similar in some ways to Unix. It is a true multi-tasking, multi-user system. It runs on an IBM mainframe computer (or mainframe emulator such as Hercules or Sim390). Various versions exist for both the S/370 and ESA/390 architectures. When run under VM or Sim390, it has extensive support for TCP/IP socket applications (FTP, FTPD, HTTPD, POPD, etc.)

MUSIC/SP provides software to support an enterprise-wide electronic information service. Features include:

  • Very fast keyword searching
  • Menu interfaces
  • Electronic forms
  • E-mail
  • Electronic conferencing
  • Web publishing
  • Application programming
  • Secure central file storage
  • Data encryption
  • Support for thousands of users
  • Usage statistics and accounting
  • Access via 3270, VT-100, or web browsers
  • Economical operation
  • Minimal operator attention needed

In addition, it supports a reliable and efficient interactive program development and execution environment. A powerful full-screen 3270 text editor is provided. Programs can be written, debugged and run using a wide choice of programming languages.

MUSIC supports TCP/IP networking tools such as Telnet, TN3270, FTP client and server, Gopher, e-mail, web server (HTTPD), and POP3 server. MUSIC's web server supports the popular browsers. CGI programs can be written in the powerful Rexx language.

MUSIC/SP runs on an IBM-compatible mainframe (S/370 or ESA/390 mode) computer, usually as a virtual machine under VM/ESA. A demo version of MUSIC/SP, running in ESA/390 mode under the Sim390 mainframe emulator, is freely available for personal, noncommercial use. Sim390 makes it possible to run MUSIC/SP on an inexpensive off-the-shelf Windows PC.

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