MultiMaster Device Drivers

Mylex was bought by LSI Logic.

Retrieved from LSI on 28 Dec 2014 (now an Avago Technology Company / Broadcom Inc.).

mmswk191kit.pdf MultiMaster Software User's Guide

adf-150.exe    MCA ADF files BT-640/646 v1.50 (3-8-93)
dosaspi.exe    DOS/Windows SCSI ASPI Drivers v4.31C (7-12-96)
mmodt.exe      SCO Unix ODT/OpenServer 2.x/3.x v4.01 (8-26-97)
mmunix.exe     SCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.x v4.01 (7-21-97)
               & Unixware 2.x v3.02 (7-24-97)
nextstep.exe   NeXTStep 486 v3.2 SCSI Driver (10-3-94)
nw31x.exe      NW 3.1X SCSI Drivers v2.56 (7-3-96)
nw4x.exe       NW 4.X SCSI Drivers v1.56 (7-3-96)
nwgam.exe      NW HAM drive w/ GAM support v5.02 (7-11-97)
nwham.exe      NW standard HAM driver v5.02 (5-30-97)
os2-2x.exe     OS/2 v2.XX SCSI Driver v1.54 (10-23-96)
warp.exe       OS/2 3.x/4.0 Warp SCSI Driver v1.54 (10-23-96)
win95.exe      Win95 driver upgrade v5.02 (7-14-97)
winnt-a.exe    WinNT 3.5x driver for Alpha  v5.02 (7-17-97)
winnt.exe      WinNT 3.5x/4.0 SCSI driver v5.02 (7-14-97)

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