S/370 MCA to Mainframe Connection (MMC)

@FE92.ADF Microchannel to MainFrame Connection (ver. 2.0)
@FE92.ADF IBM PS/2 Block Multiplxer Adapter (ver. 1.1, more RAM Addr. choices)
(commented out name: "IBM PS/2 System/370 Channel Adapter")

192-156 Micro Channel to Mainframe Connection

S/370 MMC Adapter FRU P/N 31G8650, P/N 31G9211 [P] [P] [P]

P3 DB78 port
U4-8 IBM 6470784
U10,11,92,93 89F2921 (dtd 94!)
U20-27,30,? MT5C2564DJ-25 64Kx4 SRAM
U35 61F3003
U39 12G0037
U90 LSI L1A6339 12G7134
X1 AMI 45F8737 NX C82947
Y1 27.0000 MHz osc

Parallel Channel? What is it? I see 3172 Channel Attach card. Possibly an OEM from Digiboard?

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