STB Dual Serial Card

@EEFF.ADF IBM Dual Async Adapter

This card seems to be a clone of the IBM Dual Async card and can seemingly use the same ADF. It shares the same card-ID as the IBM adapter. I have no idea where the STB ADF would be.

We have very little information on this adapter! If you know something about it, or have any documentation please contact us!

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE).


STB Dual Async Card

U10 Signetics "U10DS"
U16 Startech ST16C550CP
U17 Startech ST16C550CP
U19 Signetics "U19DS"
U20 Signetics "U20DS"
U26 Signetics "U26DS"
U27 Signetics "U27DS"
X1 1.843200 MHz
W1 Jumper (?) (set as shown)
W2 Jumper (?) (set as shown)

What are all the green dots for? There are more of them on the back of this card in a similar arrangement. Test points? Ed. Tom: Copper thieving once again?

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