7563/7581 (w/SBC)/7587/7588 Diskette Images


sbc111.exe SBC Flash Update (511,000 bytes , 8-15-00)

sbc110.exe SBC Flash Update(430,000 bytes 5-15-00)

47L2629.exe  Diagnostics (924,000 bytes, 10-4-99) 

SBCV video drivers 
Note: if link fails go to http://www.sis.com.tw, select "driver", select "of VGA", then select "5597/98" Ed. Not working, 3 Aug 03

SBCV ethernet drivers
Note: if link fails go to http://www.sis.com.tw, select "driver", select "of LAN", then select "900" Ed. Not working 3 Aug 03

IBM SBC 586/586E/586U/586EU

SBC209.exeSBC Flash Update
          (655055 bytes, 03-23-99) 

20L2633.EXEQAPlus Version 5.44 with Ethernet and USB 
          (844165 bytes, 1-6-99)

20L2663.EXEIBM SBC 586E and 586U Ethernet and USB Drivers
          (503286 bytes, 1-6-99) 

Latest SBC586E Ethernet Drivers (Ethernet Chip is DEC 21140)

z01t18a.exeS3 Trio 64/64v+ OS/2 drvr v2.81-05
          (1315515 bytes, 05 

z01t32a.exeS3 Trio 64v+ OS/2 driver v2.85.02
          (1288453 bytes, 10-01-96) 

z02t06a.exeS3 Trio 64V+ Windows 3.11 drvr v1.62-02
          (670946 bytes, 09-25-96) 

z03t03a.exeS3 Trio 64V+ Windows 95 drvr v2.10-01
          (124824 bytes, 06-12-96)

z04t01a.exeS3 Trio 64v+ Windows NT drvr v1.13B4
          (86796 bytes, 06-12-96) 

S3 Corporation Link to S3 Corporation TRIO 64V+ driver page 
          Ed. No such URL.

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