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Interactive Token-Ring Network Troubleshooting
by Daniel J. Nassar and Timothy Haight

How to Navigate This Essay

This is the one of the most interactive chapters in Network Computing's Interactive Network Design Manual. In this chapter, we actually run you through decision trees in interactive troubleshooting routines, much as in an expert system. You start from a page of common network symptoms and work your way through tests and results until you arrive at a solution that solves your problem.

Token-Ring Troubleshooting

Many fault symptoms and causes are associated with failures of fault domains, lobe areas, and network components. When attempting to troubleshoot these areas in the Token-Ring architecture, you must make many correct decisions when choosing the path that leads to the cause of your system's failure. Your troubleshooting skills will become more effective as your decisions become more astute and precise. The following pages were created to help your diagnostic decision-making by simulating the correct thought process for fault-isolation when troubleshooting a Token-Ring network.

Take the time to carefully read and follow each step before you take any of the defined actions on a page you are currently reading. Also, make sure to thoroughly read any NOTE:

While you are using these procedures, it is a good idea to take memos on your troubleshooting steps and results.

For More Information...
Those who desire further information supporting the procedures here will find relevant content in Daniel J. Nassar's Network Optimization and Troubleshooting: Achieve Maximum Network Performance. (Indianapolis, Indiana: New Riders Publishing, 1994). A new book by Daniel J. Nasser also containing this material, Ethernet and Token-Ring Network Optimization is expected to be publised soon by M&T Books, a division of Henry Holt & Co., New York.

The technical content of the troubleshooting routines in this chapter is the work of Daniel J. Nassar. Timothy Haight prepared these routines for interactive presentation on the World Wide Web. The authors welcome any comments which will help us improve these procedures. You can send e-mail to Timothy Haight at

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