Solaris 2.6 master

Ulrich writes:
   If you have any! card in the machine with it's adf not on the DCA Solaris will crash or hang. 
You can copy the adf (Ed into A:\solaris\mca_adf) and make the entry in the Master file (Ed. A:\solaris\devicedb\master) and it works. Even for card not useable with Solaris.the FCSM crashed on a Lacuna when configuring devices from my 2.6FCS media. FCS is the sun term for initial release.


version 1.0 )master   1.156   97/05/28 SMI"
Device tree database
 - Records in this file can be in an arbitrary order.
 - Records are terminated by newlines, fields are separated by any number of spaces and/or tabs.
 - Quotes can be used in any field to allow white space.
 - Other than comments (lines such as this beginning with '#") and the "Version" string no other tokens are understood.

Database format:-

<dev ids> <name> <dev type> <bus> <realmode dvr> <dev desc> <properties>

  8fda    chanmux    vid     mca       none     "XGA-2 display adapter"

       dev ids         List of unique device identifiers, seperated by the "pipe" character '|' when more than one ID should match the same entry.
       name            The device name. When the device ID matches  an entry in the device database, the "name" property is set to this value, and the "compatible"  property is set to the device ID. If no device  database entry matched, then the node will just have  the device ID for the "name" property. This allows  us to specify the Solaris driver name for a device  when we know what it is. PCI devices are typically  listed in tc/driver_aliases so we just map the  name back to the device ID and let driver_aliases   take care of the driver name mapping.

     dev type        The device type.  Valid values are:

com  ...  Serial ports
mem  ...  Memory extender cards
mfc  ...  Multi-function card
msd  ...  Mass storage device (eg scsi or ide)
net  ...  Network devices
oth  ...  Miscellaneous (including sound cards)
ptr  ...  Mice, etc.
vid  ...  Video/graphics cards
prt  ...  Parallel ports

      bus             The bus type (eg all, isa, pnpisa, eisa, mca, pci)

      realmode dvr    The realmode driver for bootable devices, otherwise "none".

       dev desc        Freeform descriptive device text

      properties      Optional additional device properties of the form name=value eg ipl=3. Properties are added to the device tree node passed to the kernel. This field  is also used to make this database "extensible". Properties which begin with a dollar sign are are used to pass information to the Configuration Assistant, but are not added to the device tree. For example, the $forceload property tells the Configuration Assistant that it must always load the specified bef in order for that bef to set additional properties on the node.

Micro-channel devices
# id is the config file name (without leading character and trailing ".adf")
# PLEASE keep this list in numerical order.
0708 aha msd mca aha1540.bef "Adaptec 1640 SCSI controller (Buslogic BT646)"
0F1F aha msd mca aha1540.bef "Adaptec 1640 SCSI controller"
61c8 smc net mca smc.bef "SMC 8013EP/A network adapter"
61c9 smc net mca smc.bef "SMC 8013WP/A network adapter"
627c elx net mca elx.bef "3Com 3C529 network adapter"
627d elx net mca elx.bef "3Com 3C529-TP network adapter"
628b iee net mca iee.bef "INTEL Etherexpress network card"
62f7 elx net mca elx.bef "3Com 3C529-TP network adapter"
6fc0 smc net mca smc.bef "WD8003E/A or WD8003ET/A network adapter"
6fc1 smc net mca smc.bef "WD8003ST/A network adapter"
6fc2 smc net mca smc.bef "WD8003W/A network adapter"
80ec chanmux vid mca none "Matrox MGA display adapter"
8efc corvette msd mca corvette.bef "IBM Corvette SCSI adapter"
8eff mcis msd mca mcis.bef "IBM PS/2 SCSI adapter"
8f82 mlx msd mca mlx.bef "Mylex DAC960 Disk Array Controller (cheetah)"
8fbb mlx msd mca mlx.bef "Mylex DAC960 Disk Array Controller (passplay)"
8fda chanmux vid mca none "XGA-2 display adapter"
8fdb chanmux vid mca none "XGA-2 display adapter"
90ee chanmux vid mca none "SVGA display adapter"
917b chanmux vid mca none "SVGA display adapter"
e001 tr net mca tr.bef "3Com 3C629 Tokenlink III Token Ring network"
eee7 asy com mca none "Serial port" $forceload=yes
efd4 smc net mca smc.bef "IBM ENA 13W network adapter"
efd5 smc net mca smc.bef "IBM ENA 13E network adapter"
effd chanmux vid mca none "IBM VGA display adapter"

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