SA33-7001-00 IBM PS/2 TouchSelect Option HML

10G3684 TouchSelect Starter Diskette, Version 1.00 ©1991
84F7136 TouchSelect Option and Utilities Disk version 1.00 ©1991

US5038142A Touch sensing display screen apparatus

Made for the 8513 monitor, Device drivers for IBM DOS, OS/2 and Windows 3.0
IBM TouchSelect attaches to the pointing device port on the IBM PS/2 system unit. An IBM PS/2 Mouse can be attached to the auxiliary pointing device port located on the IBM TouchSelect. The IBM TouchSelect attaches securely to the front of the display using four mechanical latches, located on the sides of the IBM TouchSelect panel.

IBM TouchSelect is fully compatible with touch screen applications created for the IBM PS/2 8516 Touch Display... [and] InfoWindow 4055 Touch Display.

IBM TouchSelect uses a pressure transducer technology

The touch sensing is enabled by connection to a PS/2 pointing device port and the installation of the touch-screen device drivers. The IBM TouchSelect can then emulate a single button IBM PS/2 Mouse (identify and select); however, a mouse or keyboard is still required for actions normally assigned to mouse button 2. The IBM TouchSelect can also operate in full sensing mode depending on the application. Full sensing mode allows the touch information to be returned directly to the application.

IBM 8511, 8512, 8515, and 8518 Displays
Compatible with applications created for 8516 and InfoWindow 4055 Touch Displays
IBM TouchSelect uses a pressure transducer technology

System attachment is provided via the PS/2 system unit pointing device port, eliminating the need for an additional serial port, expansion slot, or external controller. The pointing device can still be attached via an auxiliary pointing device port on the IBM TouchSelect.

7574 Utility Diskette Images

194-048 IBM 7574 Industrial Graphics Display
IBM 7574 Industrial Graphics Display
The IBM 7574 is a 19-inch multiple synchronous, ISO-capable industrial display.
The monitor is designed to facilitate attachment of the IBM 7554/7574 TouchSelect(TM) touch panel.
The IBM 7574 Industrial Graphics Display is enhanced with new touch screen models utilizing AccuTouch(R) technology from Elo TouchSystems, Inc.

Refer to Hardware Announcement A94-288, dated March 18, 1994, for further information
19" TouchSelect - 92F2213

OS/2 2.1, OS/2 WARP 3.0 or above, DOS 3.0 or above, Win3.1x, WinNT, Win95.

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