PenPoint OS

Another innovative product sent to oblivion

PenPoint Copy of a live install from Eric Fulton

GO Corporation PenPoint Publications

Architectural reference, Volume 1.
Architectural reference, Volume 2.
User interface design reference.
Application writing guide. 1st Ed 92
Application writing guide. 2d Ed 93
Development Tools, Jun 92
API reference, Volume 1
API reference, Volume 2
The PenPoint Technical Papers
Using PenPoint 91
PenPoint Getting Started
Using the GO Computer / Connecting to a Personal Computer 90

Introducing PenPoint (1991) (YouTube video)

IBM Publication

GG24-3978-0 PenPoint OS Overview and Application Development Feb93
S41G-3122-00 ThinkPad Getting Started with PenPoint
S41 G-3111-00 ThinkPad Using PenPoint

PenPoint tablet pen computer by GO Corporation (DigiBarn Computer Museum)

Windows for Pen Computing
Programming Visual Basic for Pen Input Pen Computing #6
WinPen 2.0 - A Promising Secret Pen API in W95) Pen Computing #7 December 1995
Pen for OS/2 Update Pen Computing #8
Pen Services for Windows 95 Pen Computing #11

Annasoft Software
Pen Services/Extensions (through Internet Archive HERE)
Handwriting Input Using Pen Services for Windows 95 (through Internet Archive HERE)

Programmer's Guide to Pen Services for Microsoft Win95 ISBN-10: 1556158351
The Power of PenPoint, ISBN 0-201-57763-1
PenPoint Programming, ISBN 0-201-60833-2
WATCOM C Library Ref for PenPoint, ISBN 1-55094-035-X
WATCOM C Language Ref, ISBN 1-55094-033-3
WATCOM C/386 Optimizing Compiler and Tools, ISBN 1-55094-0 ISBN 1-55094-034-1

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