U436296 Release Notes



ix41989 Entire path must be used to export filesystem with NFS.

ix37935 If a user telnets into AIX PS/2, his login shell has a filesize limit of 524280 blocks regardless of the systemwide default set in the sysparms section of /etc/system.  The only exception to this is if the filesize limit for the userid used is set in the gcos section of the /etc/passwd file.  This problem also exists if rlogin, rexec, or rsh is used.  This problem does not exist if the user logs in from a regular tty or from the console.

ix45306 Sliplogin hangs telebit modems.  When SLIP is used to connect two 19200
telebit modems, a dialing error was uncovered in the sliplogin command.

ix45391 SLIP cannot reuse old SLIP ports. Change needs to be made such that slip will reuse a connection after it has disconnected a line.  i.e. if you do a:

        # sliplogin -t /dev/tty0
        # kill the sliplogin
        # sliplogin -t /dev/tty0

It should resuse the same sl0 portnumber...

SLIP does not allow greater than 10 slip lines at once and netstat does not understand greater than 10 slip connections.

ix46220 tn -e3270 sends a full screen of characters when the clear key is sent,
rather than only the updated fields.  This is a problem for PS/2 systems telneting to CICS systems.  CICS requires only 4 character input, and gets an error if it gets the full screen.


ix36918 Timed has been changed to change hardware clock, not just the system clock.

ix36919 SLIP support has been added to AIX.

         Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
          snmpd - SNMP agent for BSD UNIX
          unixd - daemon for UNIX MIB
          snmpt - SNMP trap sink
          isoaliases - ISODE aliases database
          isoentities - ISODE entities database
          isomacros - ISODE macros database
          isobjects - ISODE objects database
          isoservices - ISODE services database
          isotailor - ISODE tailoring file
          libicompat - compatibility library
          libtsap - Transport Services library
          libpsap - asn.1 presentation services library


ix23326 Merge fails to write to external diskette drive.  Writing to drive b seems to write part of the file followed by garbage. This occurs using 'dosread' and the 'copy' command under DOS MERGE. The problem is also being encountered with the format command.

ix29955 If the token ring cable is disconected from the token ring card in a machine without ifconfiging the card down, one of the following messages is given:
  1)  Long token ring card
        (4mb, interrupt 2)  Address D2000-D3FFF
        911-381 message auto removal
        911-382 message adapter hardware error detected
        911-383 message adapter is closed
  2)  Short token ring card
        (4mb, interrupt 2) Address DA000-DBFFF
        911-381 message lobe wire failure
        911-382 message open or short circuit
        911-383 message adapter is closed
After these messages appear, it is not possible to use the token ring unless the machine is rebooted.  Ifconfiging the tk0 at this point will give flags=23 instead of flags=63.

ix30909 Setting up multiple SOA entries in named data and named rev files causes named to fail after reporting error message:
        "named:  multiple SOA records."

ix31531 The fix affects /etc/x25ip.hlpr and x25ip.o  It adds a new configurable parameter to  /etc/ddi/x25ip.dd.   'calloutnames' which contains the names of TCP/IP programs that may place outgoing calls (i.e., call requests). For example, if the user wishes to allow telnet, rcp, and ftp to be  allowed to place outgoing call requests, then he could code the following in /etc/ddi/x25ip.dd :
  calloutnames = telnet,rcp,ftp
This would allow only the three named programs to place call requests.

ix32390 When aix is pinged with packet size greater than 2000 bytes, the machine will hang with the message:
      911-375 bad return from TRANSMIT_DIR_COMMAND in unit 0:0x0

ix32746 add assign atoe back to 3270keys

ix32864 telnet does not support Greek chars on 3151

ix33516 Merge does not reread diskettes when they are changed The contents of the first disk are displayed instead of the second disk.

ix33697 etoa : telnetd and tn do not support Greek tn3270 ascii to ebcdic translation does not work with Greek characters (supported by ibm3151 cartridge).

ix36507 If a file is rcp'd to itself, the file will be corrupted.

ix36510 When doing a telnet into a 130 system that has ae = true and logger = true will give the version number 1.02.


        The script adds the following stanza to the /etc/master file:
                *       SLIP ADDED set mandatory to FALSE to disable slip
                        type = linedisc
                        routines = open,close,ioctl,init,in,out
                        softcfg = TRUE
                        mandatory = FALSE
                        line = 4
                        prefix = sl
        The script adds the following stanza to the /etc/system file:
                *       SLIP ADDED set mandatory to FALSE to disable slip
                        linedisc = slip

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Louis F. Ohland, Peter H. Wendt, David L. Beem, William R. Walsh, Tatsuo Sunagawa, Tomáš Slavotínek, Jim Shorney, Tim N. Clarke, Kevin Bowling, and many others.

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