U436297 Release Notes



ix38217  ifndef in termio.h for _h_TERMIOS is in error. The "ifndef" in the file termio.h uses _h_TERMIOS which should be _H_TERMIOS (upper case H). Since the _h_TERMIOS is not defined termio.h continues and defines several variables that are already defined by the file termios.h giving the error message "warning: XXXX redefined".

ix39461 The POSIX function of localeconv is missing from the C libraries on AIX 1.3.

ix41997 Need support for non default attributes on tape drives. Updated tctl man page for new code so that users can now use tctl to change the settings for the tape drives.  For instance, if a drive supports compression, it can be turned on using tctl.

ix44738 Extended curses drawbox function does not set colors.

ix46219 The slattach is not shipped with slip, therefore there should be no references to the command in the man pages.

ix46214 cdshutdown man page has an error under the sntax line, it says /etc/shutdown rather than /etc/cdshutdown.

ix46322 The example for the sliplogin man page says to create an entry in /etc/passwd for a user and shows adding the user Sfoo.  When using the adduser command, the first character of a user name must be lower case.  Therefore our example should probably show a lower case user name since most users will add a user using the adduser command.


ix27860 Application program uses several processes all writing to a named pipe which is read by a single process. After reaching the 2 gigabyte limit (2147483648, 0x80000000) the writing process fails even though all data was read and the corresponding filesize

ix30452 highlighting from tput bold turns off when more cmd used tput bold; ls -l | more; (use a long directory that will require entering space bar to continue seeing output) After hitting the space bar, the output is no longer highlighted.

ix30455 Using extended curses on 3151 connected to ps/2 with nodelay flag the end window command puts escape sequence characters on screen (10;32;40m).

ix30503 An application written in C code and Jovial code linked into an executable on AIX PS/2 at 1200 level calls the pow() subroutine six consecutive times.   The function returns the correct expected value for five calls  of the loop, but, on the sixth call, a failure happens.  The  correct values returned from the call should be a power of ten, however, the sixth call returns an invalid value like a large negative number.

ix30611 Inter-language executable made from C-code and Jovial code. The C code is compiled with debug flag and .debug section exists in the executable.  However, the Jovial code also creates line entries as shown by "dump -h".  The fact that it has BOTH a .debug flag and line number entries confuses dbx  into thinking that this is a Metaware executable and dbx tries to run mdbx .  When the Metaware compiler is not installed (and thus no mdbx) dbx bombs trying to run mdbx.  If mdbx does exists, then mdbx dies with "mdbx: internal error: nesting   depth underflow (0)" message.

ix31151 Copying a named pipe hangs.  According to the Commands Reference, the data in the pipe should be copied to a regular file. The problem here is that there is no data in the pipe.  This has been documented.

ix31741 The step and stepi commands do not work in dbx. DBX does not work correctly when a program assigns a value to a global static 'char' variable.  The problem was a mistake in the opcode structure.  That problem caused dbx to miss parse instructions by not reading in the full line. For example:
    a0 a9 3d 40 00  monvb 0x403da9, %al
    a2 a8 3d 40 00  monvb %al, 0x403da8
was being chopped after the a9, so dbx thought the next instruction was 3d rather than a 2.

ix31880 When ate is in non-vt100 mode and a function key is pressed, the ESC character is sent out but the rest of characters associated with the function key are not transmitted until the next key is pressed at the keyboard.

ix31892 The filesize limit field is not being read from the /etc/passwd file.  Using adduser (or vipw) to change filesize field in /etc/passwd does not result in ulimit being changed from default when user logs in A22801 was backed out.

ix36512 Xterm terminfo definition does not exist on AIXPS2 R130.

ix36513 The manpage for ksh has not been nroffed.  If a system does not install nroff, the manpage cannot be viewed.

ix36518 Sendmail.cf man page is incorrect.

ix36529 If a program with a function that has no body is used with dbx, dbx will show the wrong lines when asked to display them.

ix36530 Setlocale returns a huge string value which is incorrect.

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