CPU Upgrade Modules

Make It 486 ? (286 to 486SLC2)

Hypertec 50Z

486 Now!
SX Now!
SLC Now! (rebranded IBM SLC2 upg. for model 50Z)

70/80 DLC2 Upgrade aka 486/BL66, 486DLC2, 486BL2, "Blue Lightning"
70/80 486DX33 (OEM Hyperace 486)
855x SLC Upgrade
855x SLC2 Upgrade
855x SLC3 Upgrade
8556/57 Cached CPU

386SLC/486SLC2 Cached Processor Upgrade Card Installation Manual
   for Models 25-286, 30-286, 50, 50Z, 60 (multiple different boards)
386SLC/486SLC2 Processor Upgrade utility disk (zipped image)
(sourced from William Walsh's website HERE)

SnapIn 50/60/AT

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