Open the 8543

1.   Battery Pack 
2.   Three Screw Covers and Three Screws  (C) 
3.   Loosen Keyboard Assembly (Raise front until it clears case.) 
4.   Two Ribbon Cables and KB (Slide KB forward and flip it over in front of computer.) 
5.   Three Top Cover Screws (C) (Inside right and left rear access doors along top edge) 
6.   Two Status Display Ribbon Cables 
7.   Top Cover (Use small screwdriver to release latch on left side, if necessary.) 
8.   Two Status Display Screws  (F) (One on each end) 
9.   Status Display Assembly (contains on/off and power saver switches) 
10. Four Hinge Screws  (C) (Two on each end, inside two rear access doors) 
11. Left Hinge Cables 
12. Right Hinge Cables 
13. LCD Assembly 
14. SIMMs (Do not install two 4MB SIMMs.  Install a 2MB SIMM in connector 1 and a 4MB or 8MB SIMM in connector 2.) 
15. Two Screws  (F)  (At front edge of diskette drive) 
16. Two Diskette Drive Ribbon Cables 
17. Diskette Drive and Drive Mounting Bracket 
18. Standby Battery 
19. Battery Shield 
20. Backup Battery 
21. Adapter Bezel 
22. One Screw  (F) (In corner of serial/modem card) 
23. Serial/Modem Card 
24. Two Screws  (F) (At front edge of hard disk drive) 
25. Two Ribbon Cables and HD (backup all information on HD before removal.) 
26. External Adapter and Battery Doors 
27. Eight System Board Screws  (F) 
28. One Screw  (C) (Inside right-rear access door) 
29. Two Threaded Hex Spacers (Inside right-rear access door) Remaining Planar Cables 
30.System Board 

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