RS/6000 Ultimedia Video Adapter (7-5)

194-326 IBM Ultimedia Video I/O Adapter, Audio Adapter Select, and POWER GXT155L

Base Card
Compression/Decompression Guest Card
Video Adapter Ports
System Interface

Base Card FRU P/N 88G3711 [P] [P] (photo from Christian Holzapfel; early sample?)

J1 C-VBS RCA-type jack In
J2 S-VHS mini-DIN jack In
J3 S-VHS mini-DIN jack Out
J4 C-VBS RCA-type jack Out
U10 11H5119
U12 60.0000 MHz osc
U13,14 TC514260BFT-70 256Kx16 DRAM
U15 AMD 88G2856
U16 CL-PX1070-66QA Video Processor
U18,19 Guest Card headers
U35 25.0000 MHz osc
U36 40.0000 MHz osc
U41 SAA7191B Digital Colour Decoder
U43 34G1520/34G1521 "Miami" MCA iface
U44 SAA7197 Generates all clock signals
U51 TDA8708A Video analog input iface
U52 TDA8709A Video analog input iface
U53 SAA7199B Digital Video Encoder
Y1 26.800 MHz xtal

Compression/Decompression Guest Card FRU P/N 88G3717

U1,31 Base Board headers
U15,16 µPD42280GU-30 256Kx8 Buffer
U17 C-Cube CL550 QCD
U20,21 Cypress CY7B185-12VC 8Kx8 SRAM
U24 88G3779

This card provides video capture, JPEG compression of video images, video output, and hardware decompression of JPEG data.

Video Adapter Ports

System Interface

The Video I/O adapter card functions as a 32-bit Micro Channel bus master that accepts streaming data and address in 32-bit widths. Parity checking is enabled on both address and data lines. Programmable Option Select (POS) is provided for software initialization.

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