IBM RS/6000

RISC System/6000

Reference Material

RS/6000 Documents (PDF and BOO)
RS/6000 Announcement Letters (MCA Based Systems)

RISC Chipset (POWER1 - RIOS 1.0, 0.9, and RSC)
RS/6000 MCA Systems with CPU Cards (list)
Thoughts of the POWER2 and POWER2 Super Chip (P2SC)

RS/6000 Systems


7006 Workstation
GXT150L Video Card (local bus attach, specific to 7006)
GXT500(D) Video Card (local bus attach, specific to 7006)

7007-N40 "Tadpole"

7007 Planar
7007 Common Devices
Installing AIX for N40 3.2.5
AIX for N40 Patches (rescued from tadpole long ago)

7009 Compact Server

7009 Compact Server
7009 Planar
7009 Processor Card (-C10 & C20)


7011 PowerStation
7011 Planar (-220, 230 & 250)
GT1 Video

7012 300 Series

7012 Planar (WIP)
7012 Model CPU and Memory Cards
7012-32x Common Devices
7012-397 Common (Sorta bare)
   7012-397 Planar (160 MHz P2SC)
   7012-397 Power
7012-39H Planar
   67MHz Power2 CPU Card


7013-591 CPU & XIO Planar
7013 Common Devices

Other Hardware

7207 1/4" Tape Drive
Stereoscopic Display (archived)

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