POWER Gt4xi (1-5)


8-Bit Graphics Display Card
24-Bit Graphics Display Card
Processor Card
W3 Video Port
Card Pair Illustration

Photos provided by Christian Holzapfel, thanks!

8-Bit Graphics Display Card FRU P/N 88G3988 (adapter ID 8EE3?)

F1 Picofuse
J1 HDD15 Unused
J2 W3 connector
L1-3 Inductor
Rework 48G0267 (flex)
U1 To J4 on Processor Card
U2 To J5 on Processor Card
U3 Terminated to U7
U4 Terminated to U8
U7 68-pin header
U8 68-pin header
U9 Bt462KG150 RAMDAC (Red)
U13 Bt431KPJ
U14 52G1351
U16 ? Under heatsink
U20 LSI L1A6077 53F3536
U21 LSI L1A6035 53F3538
U23 Bt462KG150 RAMDAC (Blue)
U24 Bt462KG150 RAMDAC (Green)
U25 1 MB 100 ns FB0 EDC
U26 1 MB 100 ns FB0 CBA
U27 1 MB 100 ns FB1 EDC
U28 1 MB 100 ns FB1 CBA
U29 1 MB 100 ns WP EDC
U30 1 MB 100 ns WP CBA
X 16.000 MHz xtal (on a flex)

U1,U2 Cable Wrap 2pos................. 51G9225 ( 51G9224 + 71F0253 )

8-Bit Graphics Card FRU
new version 11H4912, 52G4123........... C51
old version 88G3988, 51G9396, 40F0499.. C51
Note: U3,U4 terminators are present only on old 8-bit version of this card.

24-Bit Graphics Display Card FRU P/N 52G4128 [P] [P]

J1 To J4 on Processor Card
J2 To J5 on Processor Card
J3 W3 connector
U2-4,13,15 HM538253TT-8 256Kx8 VRAM
U5 ? Under heatsink
U6 52G4126 PAL
U7,29,50 LSI L1A6035 53F3538
U8 ICS1567M-742 diff. dot clock gen.
U9 Bt462KPF160 RAMDAC (Red?)
U10 ? Under heatsink
U14,19-22,37-47 TC528257FT-70 256Kx8 DRAM
U16,30 Bt431KPJ41
U17 Bt439KC192
U31 Bt462KPF160 RAMDAC (Green?)
U32-36 HM514260ATT8 256Kx16 DRAM
U49 LSI L1A6077 53F3536
U51 Bt462KPF160 RAMDAC (Blue?)
Y1 16.000? MHz xtal

U52,53,61,62 (back) HM514260ATT8 256Kx16 DRAM
U54-60,63-69 (back) µPD482234G5-80 256Kx8 VRAM

24-Bit Graphics Card............. 11H4913,52G4128............. C52

Processor Card FRU P/N 52G1343 or 52G4118 [P] [P]

Placed in Lower Numerical Slot than Graphics Card.

J4 to J1/U1 of Graphics Card
J5 to J2/U2 of Graphics Card
U1-3,8-10 TI TMS320C30GEL DSP
U5 52G4136 PAL
U6 52G4142 PAL
U7 52G4140 PAL
U11-14,16,17,41,43,44,47 TI ACT7004-40
U15,22,23,35 52G4132 PAL
U19 52G4144 PAL
U24 52G4146 PAL
U25 52G4138 PAL
U27 52G4819 PAL
U29 IBM 00G3584
U30-33 MT5C1008DJ-20
U34,36-38,40,42,45,46 MT5C2516EJ-20
U39 52G4134 PAL
U50 Toshiba TC140G12AF 43G2868
Y1 16.000 MHz osc (on a flex)

PROCESSOR CARD ( Same for 8-bit and 24-bit )
P6- 40H3446, 52G1343, 52G4118, 52G4818.... C50

Note: The default refresh rate of this adapter is 60 Hz; a 77 Hz refresh rate can be selected through system software. If video problems are encountered, determine if the display has a 60 - 77 Hz refresh rate switch. If so, you may be able to solve the problem by selecting a different refresh rate.

Resolution is 1280 x 1024 x 16M x 60Hz for the 24 bit version.

W3 Video Port

Card Pair Illustration

Note: This GXT4xi uses two two-position cables, either both with black connectors, 51G9224, or both with brown connectors, 71F0253. If either of the connectors in the cable being replaced is brown, the replacement cable with the brown connectors must be used, if neither of the connectors in the cable being replaced is brown, the replacement cable with the black connectors must be used.

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