Technical Background

Definitions (Arbitration, DMA...)
Micro Channel Architecture (MCA slots, pinouts, features, transfer modes, SCB etc.)
Watchdog Timer

BIOS & Related Topics
   Exploring The ROM BIOS (PC Magazine article)
   ABIOS (Byte article)
   Loadable ABIOS (selected late PS/2s)
   Why Int 4Bh?
   Int 15h Index (from David Beem)
   CMOS Data Area (accessed via I/O addr 70h and 71h)
   The First 30 Seconds What is the POST? (PCmag article)

Memory Technology Explained (DRAM, SRAM, VRAM, read/write cycles etc.)

Serial Diagnostic Link (Type 4 complex)

ISA Interrupt Sharing (PS/2 Model 25 & 30)

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