IBM Personal System/55
PS/55 - Japanese PS/2

IBM Systems

PS/55 Model-Type Chart
PS/55 Timeline Diagram
xxx0 or xxx1? - PS/55 Model Numbers

PS/55 Desktop/Tower Units

Model 5510
Model 5520
Model 5530
Model 5540
Model 5550 386
Model 5550 486
Model 5560
Model 5570
Model 5580

PS/55 E [Type 5538]

PS/55 Processor Complexes (for 5560 & 5580)

PS/55 Portables

PS/55 5535M [Type 5535-M]
PS/55 5535S [Type 5535-S]

PS/55note [Type 5523-S0/SJ]
PS/55note N23SX [Type 5523-S1/SV/S2/SA]
PS/55note M23V [Type 5523-V0/VA]
PS/55note C23V [Type 5523-V2/VJ]
PS/55note N27sx [Type 5527]
PS/55note N51SLC [Type 8551]
PS/55note C52 / ThinkPad 7x0 [Type 9552]


Japanese SCSI Adapters
Japanese Display Adapters
Japanese SVGA Adapter

Adapter List

Other Hardware

5576 Keyboard
Model M and others (external, mostly written in Japanese)



PS/55 Files

Japanese Tips
Still Crazy (monologue of sorts)
Update History

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